Hey everyone, I thought I would pass on something I discovered with my ski. My 1200 stxr screen had the polarized/delamination issue that is common. Locally, I found an 1100 STX DI that was being parted out, and the gauges looked the same. I took a chance and bought it. In comparison with my old gauge, the only difference in the plugs is that the 1200 STXR has a 2 pin plug where the 1100 STX DI has a 4 pin. The two pin wires are present on the 4 pin. A bit of research led me to that the only difference in the gauge display is the 1100 STX DI has a 'Check Engine' icon on the screen where the 1200 STXR does not. Swapping the connector from thee 2 pin to the 4 pin was easy (just pull the pins out with needlenose). The new gauge works great and functions the same as the old.

Hope this helps someone!