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2001 Kawasaki Ultra 150 bad gauge

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  • 2001 Kawasaki Ultra 150 bad gauge

    Howdy all. I'm working on ressurecting a 2001 Ultra 150 i got from a deceased buddy of mine. Hasn't been run in probably 6+ years. I need to put it away for the winter, but i pulled plugs and shot fogging oil in the cylinders. Engine turned over easy by the output shaft. Put a good battery in it, lanyard, and noticed the gauge is dead, minus the red flashing light. If i pushed on the gauge in the right spot, i'd see a couple of segments light up.

    The good news, the engine fired up on a few shots of gas in the cylinders. The bad, gauge did nothing.

    Is there anyone here that fixes these gauges? I could pull it before putting in storage for the winter if so.



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    There are some videos on YouTube showing how to take it apart.

    There is a guy in Florida that does it, but I don't think he does the Ultra 150 display. His number is 407-790-5642. I think he only answers texts. He charges $400. Performance Design is his company name.
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      Sounds like the rubber isn't touching the screen anymore.



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        I might have a spare Ultra150 gauge for sale next week if you do not fix yours...good luck!