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Testing Pop Off Pressure

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  • Testing Pop Off Pressure

    I am not quite understanding how to test the pop off pressure. According to the manual, I am supposed to hook the tester up to the fuel pump itself and check for 15PSI hold point. But how do I check each individual carb? Do I need to remove each cover to inspect the needle valve lifting up while under pressure? Manual page attached...appreciate any help...
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    I don't like that method. It will only show the lowest pop-off pressure of the whole set of carbs. Take them off and test each one individually.
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      Well I am glad I tested the pressures! First I found a leak on my Niche fuel pump. Tightening the security screws fixed that. Then my number 3 cylinder was popping off at 25psi or so...not sure what was wrong with the spring, but a replacement got it back in line with the others...everything seems to pop off 16-18psi which is close enough for me. I actually left all the carbs connected and removed the covers. I had an extra set of hands hold down the needles that I was not testing...I really did not want to disassemble all three carbs again.

      Hopefully the rebuilt engine goes back in today!