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STX900 water in the hull

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  • elektromouse
    Thank you very very much! very informative!

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  • steve45
    Your 'Ski has two water drains in the hull. It's very common for trash to collect in the pickups and plug them. Look for the vertical black hoses on each side of the hull. There will be a white elbow fitting at the top of each one, and a white plastic box on the bottom of each one. The boxes have screens on the bottom. Remove the screws that hold them in place and clean out any debris in there.

    There are two hoses that suck the water out, they are located on the top side of the jet pump. Not unusual for those to split with age, which will prevent them from sucking water out.

    Here's a parts diagram of the system: https://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche...awasakipwc/147
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  • elektromouse
    started a topic STX900 water in the hull

    STX900 water in the hull

    so i got new toy
    kawasaki stx900

    had an issue when water was coming in the hull super fast because of hall in exhaust pipe. did fix that but start thinking something is not right

    when jetski is in motion it should suck water from hull and push it out, correct? so why my didn't do that?
    i had like half of the hull of water. had to stop engine and bring it back on trailer.

    i did check all hoses and can not find any lose or missing. did check exhaust pipe, like i read online it should use water jet pump to suck out water from hull, but i can not find any connection for that hose.
    can any one help me locate it and tell me how to call this part? part which responsible for sucking water out of hull

    after replacing broken pipe i have no leaks. but i'm tired to open hull every 45 minutes to check if it's not flooding.
    i know about electric automatic bilge pump, but not planning to keep this pwc so don't want to spend money on that

    thank you