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Swapping Keihin CDKCV for CDKII question

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  • Swapping Keihin CDKCV for CDKII question

    Putting a 1100 from a 2000 ZXI into a 1994 Wave Blaster. The 1100 came with the CDKCV carbs which only has one fuel pump hose from the crank case. I have a good set of CDKII carbs from a 1996 STS I was planning on using. However the CDKII has 2 vacuum inlets which means the case has 2 ports. Don't want to drill and tap a port into the case and risk shavings getting in crank case.

    Question is will one crank case port be enough vacuum for the 2 ports on the carbs or do I need to stick with the CDKCV carbs?

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    Hey not sure if anyone really has the answer to that question. I read somewhere in an old thread you could put a brass “tee” fitting on the one pulse line to split it into two lines for the cdk2’s, but I have no idea if it’ll be strong enough for both the fuel pumps. Obviously drilling and tapping a fitting into the case on opposite side of existing pulse line is the best option but I get your concern with doing that. The other option is to buy an upper case from a 96 or 97 zxi 1100 on eBay and put it in, but that obviously would entail pretty much a whole engine breakdown and a bunch of time and lots of new gaskets lol. Either way, if you try the tee fitting let us know how it works out, I’m sure many would love to know the end result. Also, does the set of cdk2s you got have the accelerator pump on it? Because they added that to combat a lean problem on cylinder 1 and if it’s not there you may run into a problem…just a heads up


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      I'm not sure. The Ultra 150 (1200 engine) uses the CV carbs and only uses one fuel pump. It is a different pump from what is used on the1100 engine.

      If you decide to drill another hole in the crankcase, you could pump low pressure air into the spark plug hole while the piston is down and the air would blow the chip out as you drill/tap the hole. Drill and tap slowly and wear goggles.
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