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New Kawasaki Owners, Please Read first

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  • New Kawasaki Owners, Please Read first

    Please take the time to visit the "tech tip section" in the Kawi area. We have lots of info for various types of Kawasaki watercraft including some of the more recent recalls and tech tips by our more knowledgeable members.

    Email Skips for the password. If he doesnt respond continue to email until he does. He's a busy guy.

    [email protected]
    Also, please learn to use the search function. Lots of info has already been posted, and using the search function reduces the number of times the question gets asked. The link is at the top, blue bar. The advanced search is very helpful as you can customize your searches.
    The left hand menu has all sorts of helpful stuff, as well as some time killers such as the casino and the picture albums. If you have a standup, check out our sister site, X-H20 The "Live Post" function on the left, helps you see what others on the site, including outside the kawi area are talking about today.
    Also, a set of rules has been developed by the posters here, and has been adapted into the Kawasaki for sale forums. Please read and obey these rules while trying to sell and post parts. If you would like to see the rules modified, post up a subject in the Kawasaki General section and solicit response from the long time posters on here. If it's a sound idea, we'll change it.

    If you have decided to post here for the first time, pay attention to WHERE you are posting. The 4stroke section is reserved for the skis such as the 12F, 15F, Ultra LX, and the Ultra 250. If you have a 2 stroke ski, we have set up a section just for you. General questions NOT dealing with specific ski stuff need to go in the general section. We have them in each area, and then ONE that the entire site goes to. If it seems confusing at first, don't worry! This is a tried and true site, and we will work with you on learning the ropes. It will be like riding a bike after a short while.


    If you have any questions, PM a moderator, and we'll do what we can to get you going. Our desire is to see the Kawasaki forum(s) mature and grow into the top 3 areas on the site.

    Above all, have fun, and we hope you make this site your home for your Kawi info.

    Welcome to the GH forums!!!
    Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.ÔÇØ