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Speed mod`s database 300x/lx

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  • Originally posted by Ktmman
    Does jamie make theses flashes?.
    Yes. And he has been able to over ride the speed limiter inside the ecu from day one unlike some of the competing reflashes.

    You won't be disappointed.
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    • Craig from Wollongong City Jetski (kawasaki dealer) in Australia has done a fair bit of testing with the KSpeed and may give you some honest feedback, shoot him and email.

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      • I've heard that people use magnum tuning rev limiter remover they solider inside ecu, this must be something he does in his custom way.


        • I bought a speed up module n as I've installed it I realised there is already a kawa speed controller, so I wired up this new speed up module then seen brown wire was been used with speed controller, do both theses modules so same thing? Would it be pointless using both at same time?


          • KTMman, send some pics brah! I gotta do mine soon when it arrives! I've not even put on my battery tender yet and feel guilty since I tendered my 1500 already. Hmmm... yes Orca is my Fav! lol...

            Q: Forums, when I decide to flash the 310LX running 91 octane (cz it's a family boat gonna consume tons of fuel this summer), how far can i go with flash level? If using R&D as a guide can I still go R3 and tell my pose not to WOT across the entire lake or is R3 too aggressive for 91 octane? I was kinda thinking if R3 and put race gas now and then for bragging rights and maybe try hit 75 while I'm bumping 2pac! Can this R3 plan work reliably on 91 on family slow key let's say and I'll monitor the Race key on race gas 93-94 ish? Workable plan?

            This factory stereo is bad ass! My kids hate when I play California Love!

            PS: My parts are starting to arrive, Thx Jerry this was pretty quick! Got Riva intake kit, and plate still coming, I gotta figure out this grate and I went and ordered the R&D grate version of their pump seal kit for my offshore fun but really need smooth water max speed early summer. And read data results that the Riva scoop striped and naked is fastest for Ultra 310LX currently. I guess I gotta get that grate ordered soon but R&D say even their stock version seal kit won't fit the Riva grate so any suggestions on that pump seal kit? How necessary is it and or is it one of those "market" items you really don't need like the block off plate? In this area of the pump wanna do, R&D plate, Riva grate (naked), 1* wedge, R&D anti-cav cone, seal kit if I can get to fit or buy one to exact fit the Riva grate. I bet $ stock grate with center bar cut and some custom blue printing on scoop I could match Rive gate top speed... Hmmm... I'll start a thread on all these Ultra 310LX limited parts and plate arrives. I install step by step with images and final video top speed GPS when completed. I'm doing a "stealth" 310LX gonna try keep it quiet and only a Riva Race plate and piss out some to dry the exit some and call it good for first article WOT top speed GPS.

            UPDATE: I take back anything I questioned on R&Ds quality... cz once in hand, this intake kit for my SX-R 1500 is top grade - my apologizes. If ya look close how you can see thru filter easily and intake airflow will never ever be a bottleneck on this build with this 3" dia monster with the teardrop style filter!

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            • Very impressed that many of these Ultras do over 75mph. Hitting those speeds with your hull design and weight is astonishing!
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