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Save money on your parts here in the GreenHulk Store!

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  • kyshogan
    Trying to order pump upgrade parts though greenhulk promo code doesn't seem to be working. Does it not apply to all parts?

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  • mike-ultra
    So I went on the online store to see the pricing on some parts but you have to ad your credit card info before you even know how much shipping will be?!! I am in Canada. We can't be just hoping for the best. I need to know my total cost before I make the decision to purchase.

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  • Hulk30dett
    Hi All,

    Is the Greenhulk OEM store in AUD?

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  • COBaker
    Thank you so much for this information! it will help me a lot. Anyone who uses it, how long have you been using it? I have two similar to these blue ones and I need to repair them urgently, so I save money at the moment, working and when I am free and at home, I sometimes earn money on https://yourmoneygeek.com/game-apps-to-win-real-money/ and it is very cool that you make such discounts, and if it is true, but you are great fellows. I hope I will be able to repair it soon by buying the parts I need ( Thank you in advance, who will answer me about this store!!
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  • Save money on your parts here in the GreenHulk Store!

    Use the discount code: greenhulk when completing the checkout process here in the forums online store and save 10% off the listed price of most RIVA and R&D products, all WORX Racing parts and all Solas impellers.

    Should you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us any time at [email protected]
    We are here for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Also, don't forget that we sell all of the original parts for your ski, bike, ATV, UTV, anything Powersports, we have it right here in the forums OEM parts store

    Thank you for your business and support of this forum,
    Jerry Gaddis