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My 2010 kawi stx 15f has vapor coming out the tail pipe

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  • My 2010 kawi stx 15f has vapor coming out the tail pipe

    Is this normal. After a long ride I notice smoke after flushing. The vapor rises about 7 ft and disappears. All compression is at 151 when cold. Replaced exhaust manifold gasket with kawasaki OEM. Ans it looks like this ...

    different angel

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    Looks like water vapor, just steam from the exhaust cooling via water injection?
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      I'm surprised to see vapor coming from my 15F while on the water, compared to my Sea-Doo. I'd say your exhaust looks normal but why did you replace the exhaust manifold gasket?
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        It was aftermarket and I crushed it a few times. I thought it could be compromised so i replaced it with OEM.


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          Let's see...

          Basic chemistry, when you burn gasoline, you're mixing C8-H18 (or something near that) with O2. This results in CO2 and H2O, i.e. water vapor. Hello!
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