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15F Pump Upgrade Parts List

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  • 15F Pump Upgrade Parts List

    Hey Everyone-

    I am trying to put together a parts list so I can upgrade my pump shaft to the double threaded model with the bearing in the cone assembly. Any help on the missing parts blanks would be appreciated...I cannot figure out the right parts based off the diagrams...

    Pump Shaft - 13107-0764
    Pump Shaft O-Ring - 92055-025
    Tail Cone Bearing - 92045-0112
    Tail Cone - ???
    Tail Cone Cap - ???
    Washer/Nut for end of pump shaft - ???

    Thanks for any help. Below is a photo of a kit I found online, but it seems a bit overpriced for just OEM parts put together. I believe the cap and cone in the photo are aftermarket units, in the OEM version the bearing is pressed into the cap first and then installed.


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    Unless someone is making a shaft kit that fits the single front bearing housing the upgrade also requires the matching housing, not clear if you have that already. Also if this is for an stxr im not sure its worth bothering with as we never experienced the type of failures the 4 strokes had.
    Had to be there - and there.


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      Possibly could have a slip collar made up to run the single front bearing housing but again probably not worth the trouble for the 2-stroke.
      Had to be there - and there.


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        Ok, thanks. Maybe I'll just replace the cone bearing and leave it as is...just trying to be cautious. How long have you had yours?