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How to Test throttle body 310R?

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  • How to Test throttle body 310R?

    Posted a little while ago about my 310r throwing a TPS (TP5?)code. In limp mode wonÔÇÖt go above idle at all. Ended up taking it to the dealer and they wasted more money than I probably would have myself. They replaced the tps which makes sense. And also the entire harness which I thought was stupid on a 2016 ski but thought they knew what they were doing. Ski is still doing the same thing. Next they wanted to try throttle body and ECU. I took it back because I wanted to find used parts if needed to save a few thousand dollars.

    Main question is does anybody know how test a mikuni throttle body on a multimeter? I opened it up but only see a motor and a few gears. Looks to be a sealed circuit board I canÔÇÖt access without cutting into it. Probably going to just fork out the money but I figured IÔÇÖd ask before throwing more parts at it for no reason