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  • '22+ air mods

    So I got a smokin deal on a 22 lx-s. In the past on my 300/310's I always did scom/prop/air mods for a pretty consistent 74 to 75 mph. I'm digging into the new top deck to get to the air inlets (ton of work btw). Anyway, has anyone done any air mods on the new platform? Worth the effort?

    I'm also doing Riva tune and hopefully a prop if I can find one. Hoping to get 75 plus.

    Thanks in advance.
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    11 Ultra 300 Stock Class Prep 74.8

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    Kspeed sells a filter to go in place of the black plastic block off plate which will let more cool fresh air into the hull and intake. They claim 5deg drop. I just removed the plate and left it open as i dont see what a $100+ filter will do. Not like it will keep water out of there which is my main concern if i fip it. Supposedly the Riva gresh air intake will work but in order to get the air box out you need to remove the fuel tank or cut the air box to pieces. I think the gains will be minimal amd the extra noise will be very noticeable. I am not aware of anyone who has actually done it yet. Theres also the trumpet kspeed sells but it adds noticeable wastegate woosh and i cant see what it will do by sending the air into one of the hull inlet ducts instead of air box.


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      14/19 Solas will work great on that Kawi.

      Good luck.


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        Maybe even a 14/18 with a tune, (raised limiter).