The ski as about 113 hours. I know these skis are notorious for cracked heads and oil cooler issues, but before I start tearing this thing apart I thought to check with this group in case someone can help me narrow it down further or provide some other advice.. I've had the ski since 88 hours and it has always pumped a bit of cream into the airbox. Recently its been getting worse and now some cream inside the oil fill cap and also just inside (see pix). I checked the hose from the engine to the catch can and it has cream in it as per the attachment, along with the hose from the can to the airbox. The oil on the dip stick is golden like honey with no signs of any issues after an oil/filter change followed by two hours of hard running dragging kids around on a biscuit. Ski runs perfect and seems to have all of its beans. Before I changed the oil it did throw an oil pressure code after hard running in a big chop. I'm thinking to start with the oil cooler and if it turns out not to be that then take the head off. Based on what I have read on this forum water only gets in the engine one of two ways (unless you run it in with a hose...). Is there any way to tell whether its the oil cooler or head without tearing it apart?
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