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2017 Ultra 310x Supercharger not functioning

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  • 2017 Ultra 310x Supercharger not functioning

    Backstory for those interested otherwise jump to paragraph two. I acquired a pair of Ultra 310X skis from my new brother-in-law for half the cost. He bought them and went about going through the break in steps then went through a long, drawn-out divorce. He ran them only once a year since then, but then they sat covered in his garage for the past year and a half. I visually inspected everything, changed the batteries, drained the fuel, changed the oil and fogged the engines and superchargers. After detailing, they are brand new in appearance. The 2016 ran like a three-legged dog for the first several minutes but it finally came around and I was able to run back and forth across the lake at 65 MPH with the supercharger screaming. It had and wanted more but that’s all I could handle with the chop. The 2017 didn’t stagger at all but it is obvious from the lack of power and audibly that the supercharger is not kicking in. The top speed was 52 MPH.

    What would cause a supercharger on a 2017 Ultra 310X with five “5” original hours not to activate? I looked down inside it and the belt appears to be in place. I even poked it with a broomstick to see if it had some tension and it didn’t seem out of sorts. I’ve turned wrenches on dozens of 2-cycle and 4-cycle non supercharged skis and jet boats but before I deep dive into this I ordered a factory service manual to get all the steps and torque correct. Maybe bound tensioner, intercooler valve or pressure relief? I’m hoping someone on here has some ideas.

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    It will not do 52 without the supercharger. How many bars are on the boost gauge?


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      Thanks for the reply hotbutta . Interesting. I honestly don't recall seeing any bars. It accelerates and top ends like my Yamaha EX Deluxe so I assumed it wasn't working. The other will throw you off if you aren't ready for it with a full boost gauge and you can feel and hear the SC. If we get a break in the storms I'll drop it in the water after work tomorrow and pay close attention to the boost gauge.


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        Did you check for boost leaks?


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          I was waiting on the service manual before diving deep. This is however what I need. I'm not proficient with superchargers. It's here now so I'll test the boost gauge while running and I'll check for boost leaks as well.


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            Thanks for the replies. It's working now, but I cant identify exactly what the issue was. I spent three days taking everything supercharger and exhaust related off, inspected, lubed where needed and and put it all back together following all lube and torque specs. I suspect tensioner was allowing the belt to slip as I found some rubber dust. I went ahead and threw a new belt and exhaust filter in albeit both appeared to be okay.