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Ultra 250 UMI Installation

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  • Ultra 250 UMI Installation

    UMI Installation on Ultra

    Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
    UMI Steering $682.00
    Used on 250X and LX models.
    This Modification Should NOT void your Warranty.
    Lets get this thing started. I’ll do my best since no instructions were included in the kit.

    The good news is that no hull drilling or relocation of the steering cable is required.
    Start with taking off the steering pad cover (39067). Four cross head screws hold the black cover on (92009). Once this is complete you will see that there are rubber tabs need to be pulled free of screw posts. Now take the red buzzer out of the white pad and remove pad (39156). Now remove the throttle trigger (39074) and engine switch/tether(13151) putting any loose parts in a safe place.
    Remove the steering neck from steering column. Remove rubber shield from four plastic tabs (39087A). This allows it to fall loose to expose the four bolts (92002A) holding the column to the steering shaft. Using a long extension socket to reach down between the rubber shield and steering column remove those four bolts. Careful to not allow any bolts to drop down into the engine compartment.

    We can now move onto the Sides (14091B/O) and Center(14091D) cover. The side cover that has the gas cap can be completely removed easily. I did this by removing the gas cap from the safety chain and then removing the three bolts holding it onto the hull and center cover. Place nuts and bolts in a safe place. Carefully lift up and forward to allow filler neck to pull threw the rubber neck guide. Be sure to replace the gas cap to avoid a large amount of fumes from leaking out of the tank. Open the glove box completely and pull up gently to remove glove box door to place in a safe place.
    Continue onto the side cover with the flush kit spicket. Remove the three bolts that secure it to hull and center cover. Lift gently to remove the securing tabs from the slotted section of the center cover. Allow the side cover to gently hang to the side so you can reach the nuts holding the center cover down. Remove them, three on each side, placing them in a safe place. Be sure to remove the reverse cable from the reverse lever using the small side access on the center cover. Gently lift center cover just enough to allow the flush kit hose out from under the center cover. Now you may move the side cover that is attached to the flush hose down the foot tray and out of the way. I used a soft clean towel to protect the cover from scratching. Remove the two face bolts on instrument face and two from behind the instrument cluster to free it from the center cover. Now you want to find the bypass outlet hose attached to the center cover. Disconnect it from the rubber nipple. Now you may lift and rotate the center cover to the side, carefully of the immobilizer wire still attached to the glove box. Again use a towel to protect from scratches.

    Should look like this now.

    Find the metal ring holding the rubber wire plug into the steering base. Remove the two bolts holding it down and pull gently up on wire to free the plug to be removed from wiring. Lift off steering cable cover door. Reach inside and remove the steering cable from pivot pin.
    Now remove the four bolts holding the steering base to hull. Slowly and gently lift out steering base Assembly. Careful to not tear or damage the gasket. At this point you will need to unplug all wire harnesses and disconnect the throttle cable from throttle lever.

    Now that you have the base plate free from the hull, carefully remove the base gasket and save this for install of the UMI system.
    You will need to also save the throttle cable nipple (A) and the sensor magnet.(B)

    You can retrieve the magnet by either taking the stock steering base apart or us a small pair of needle nose channel locks. I ended up taking my stack column apart to retrieve the magnet.

    When assembling the UMI the throttle cable nipple will need to be the second one in from the last hole. If you put it in the last hole then the cable will bottom out when turning left. USE RED LOC-TITE on this part. You don’t want that nipple coming loose. Install the magnet using the stock screw with Blue LOC-TITE.

    Assembling the UMI is easy. Use the stud mounts for the pick up sensor. Be sure to use Blew LOC-TITE and everything else you assemble.

    Remove pick up from stock steering. Save the screws and mount it on the UMI. Be sure to flip the cable with zip tie to other side to avoid hitting the billet support ridge.

    Now completely assemble steering and ensure lever arm is lined up properly with pick up sensor.

    Install the gasket you kept earlier and assemble the UMI onto the hull. Be sure to reconnect all plug after pulling through the UMI plate cable hole. Reaching in through the glove box hole, I reconnected the steering cable to the lever arm. Ensure you have ran the dash plugs, start/stop plug and throttle cable through the plate before bolting it down to the hull. Use RED LOC-TITE on these four bolts. Be sure to put in the cable holder in upper right side of plate.
    At this point you will now need to put back together the dash, center cover and side covers. Once you have completed that you can then put on your bars.
    After market bars will require you to drill a small hole so the stock start/stop bottom can fit flush. I chose to install my set back-wards in hopes to avoid an accidental bump of the stop button during competition.

    I used the UMI billet finger throttle but some use the stock one with no issues. Installing the UMI Finger Throttle was easy and uses a adapter piece to adapt to the stock steering cable.

    I then went to adjust my throttle cable at the throttle body and at the adapter. Ensure you resting point on the finger throttle is not to loose but not tight. If it is not adjusted correctly then you can damage the cable.

    Be sure to slide rubber cover over finger throttle adjust so as to protected it.

    Now zip tie down loose cables and wires so they don’t rub. This rubbing can cause damage to them.

    You are now finished……….

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