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Air mod front vent tubes

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  • Air mod front vent tubes

    What do you guys think?
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    looks good, where did you get the material from?

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      Sinking would be bad, I didn't think of that.
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        Originally posted by sirbreaksalot
        My personal opinion is a total waste of time ,

        Why you say !

        Well now the hull tube do NOTHING to stop a flipped over ski from sinking

        I personally use the safety feature of the tubes but increase flow , not reduce flow with some screen that stops dirt and so called water splash.

        but Thats why it MY opinion.

        Why not more tubes, slightly shorter & bigger diameter

        I was thinking that the tubes prevent heat from rising up out of the hull vents during low speed operation. I see everyone removes the rear vent tubes without much worry or run the R&D flat filter or mod the access panel without connecting vent tubes to them to prevent sinking. I guess if safety is a major concern, none of these mods should really be employed.

        As far as the Outerwears material reducing flow... that stuff flows pretty good and I believe that the tubes restrict air flow as well.


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          Can I remove those rear tubes completely


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            Originally posted by G310
            Can I remove those rear tubes completely
            if you want it to sink faster than a seadoo...........

            they are their for a VERY good reason, just do the 5th air mod

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