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03-04 STX-12f & STX-15-f Fuel Filter Purolator Part Number

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  • 03-04 STX-12f & STX-15-f Fuel Filter Purolator Part Number

    I just wanted to give back a little since I have read a lot of great info here at this site. My 04 stx-12f was running real rough. Top and mid would bog then surge then bog
    back and forth in around 20 second intervals. I figured it only could be fuel or spark so I pulled the fuel pump cleaned the screen and went out to get a fuel filter. Mine was really clogged. No one had one locally and the next Kawasaki dealer was 20 miles away. So I went down to advanced auto parts and the guy went through all his filters looking for one that might work. He came up with PUROLATOR F44663. Hoses fit, and fit well enough that only a little shim was needed to make it snug. the lip fit perfectly into the bracket. Buttoned it up, put some new plugs in and wow. what a difference. Thing runs great! Hope this helps someone... $14 vs $50-$60


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    Nice tip!~ I just changed my fuel filter this weekend too... but paid the chunk change for oem.

    I think I might take your route next time and just change the filter more often~

    '04 Kawasaki STX-15F
    '08 Honda F15-X GPS