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Economical STX-15f fuel pump replacement

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that an OEM fuel pump from my 98 Eclipse GSX fits nicely on an STX-15F. I figured since the Walbro GSS342 is a popular upgrade to the Eclipse that my spare OEM pump would fit also, and I was right

    One thing to note though is that the GSS342 is a bit of an overkill for the STX, i see that it works fine though. I myself use the GSS250 (190lph) on my turbo Eclipse with 310whp, and the higher hp 400+ crowd use the GSS342. I have taken my stock fuel pump up to 17psi boost on my eclipse (roughly ~250whp i would imagine), and since the 15F is only 160bhp, i figured my spare OEM pump would be plenty sufficient.

    Here are some flow data:
    Eclipse OEM pump 150lph (made my Denso btw)
    Walbro GSS250 190lph
    Walbro GSS342 255lph

    Im trying find flow specs for the OEM STX 12F/15F fuel pump.


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      I realize this is a very old thread, but my fuel pump is working however the metal tube it goes into is rusted causing issues. Can I use this technique and or am I screwed because I need that tube? It doesn't look like it comes with the Walbro pump.



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        How to clean the rust off of a 15f fuel pump housing

        Mike, if you have not tackled this project yet then soak the entire strip down metal housing in a muriatic acid bath for about 3 minutes. Rinse it off and it will be clean as new. You can get Mary attic acid in the pool supply store or at Home Depot in the pool section. Neutralize it with baking soda when you're done


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          I know an old thread but the Google sent me here and it helped me tremendously... +1 for the Walbro GSS342 on a 2008 STX-15f

          I could probably stand to have a whole new fuel cage..

          But, I dipped it, cleaned it...

          Had to slot the screws, all 8 of them with a dremel to remove them. Replaced them all. The rust did a number of the bottom of the unit but it still feels structurally sound.., so I went with it for now..

          and, it solved my high-speed rev-dropping / cut-out problem.


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            Yuck! Keep the fuel tank full to prevent condensation. Use ethanol-free fuel, if at all possible.
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