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  • K-tec info

    Found this going through my bookmarks and thought I'd post it for everyone. Tons of good info on most of the 2 stroke ski's Kawi produced.
    I would think this would make a good sticky so it doesn't get lost.

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    Wow! A gold mine of info! The first one I looked at had a table of compression readings vs elevation, which is a definite factor for me being at 3000 feet.
    '15 Kawi Ultra 310X
    '99 Kawi Ultra 150 (2)
    '10 Kawi Ultra LX, '13 Kawi Ultra LX, '13 Kawi Ultra LX parts 'Ski
    '04 Kawi STX 15-F, '06 STX 15-F (2)
    '91 Kawi Jet Mate
    '97 Yamaha Exciter 220 (Boat)
    '99 Yamaha Exciter 270 (Boat)
    '78 Nacra 5.2 Catamaran
    '05 Windrider WR-10 Trimaran, '05 Windrider WR-16 Trimaran
    ... and that's just the boats! I'm living proof that you can have too many toys!


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      That is good info. Did you also notice they talk about stx 900 low speed screw setting ? Looks like they jetted the pilot to lean, prob due to epa.
      I agree, so much good info here.