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STX 15F - No Spark

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  • STX 15F - No Spark

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a blue 2005 Kawie STX 15F which turns over but no spark.

    A couple of years ago, the dash became water logged
    - I changed the dash with a new dash
    - no spark
    - both sensors ohm out correctly
    - the flip over switch seems to be acceptable as well

    A good friend who works on Harley's / snowmobiles / four wheelers (he used to own a honda dealership years ago) is trying to help find the issue but has not figured out the issue.

    We have read the imfamous end all STX thread but still can not find the issue.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Go through the entire wiring harness, pull apart every connector and terminator plug. Use a lighted magnifier to inspect all the pins for corrosion, burn marks, etc. Kawasaki wiring connectors are bad about getting water in them and causing all kinds of problems.
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      I changed out the ECU, now we are getting SPARK - YEAH. BUT ! I still can not get it pop / fire, even when I put fresh gas down the cylinders. Any help in figuring out this unit would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott


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        When it cranks over what does it do?

        Is the spark consistent or does it only do it for a few seconds then stops?

        Do you have 12v on the injectors?

        Do you have the ignition coils connected to the proper plugs on the main harness?

        What sensors did you check for resistance?

        Is there any other history on the machine other than the gauge being swapped?

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