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300 ultra lx with noisy supercharger at idle

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  • 300 ultra lx with noisy supercharger at idle

    Hi guys, wondered if anyone can help, ive been doing some testing on ski and after trying to figure out why it wasnt hitting over 7200 rpm, i pulled Inrtercooler off, and found it sludged up, after cleaning and putting it back on it was pulling 7500 most of the day, anyway we were towing a biscuit and on way back to shore at end of day i pulled the rope into pump at idle, i quickly turned off but it was in there. The motor didnt lock up, i turned it off before.
    Got it home removed grated and got the rope out, refitted grate and put it on hose to flush.
    The motor took a bit to crank then when it did the idle was surging pretty badly up and down, i lifted seat to check inside and i could here a pretty bad rattle, like a gearbox rattle. it seemed to get worse as the revs dipped then dissapeared as i increased revs.
    SKi has 96 hrs on her nd was wondering if there is a rebuild kit for the superchargers, and if so where do i get it.
    Also how hard of a job is it, im a mechanic by trade.