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Newbie with sx650 questions

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  • Newbie with sx650 questions

    I recently purchased a stock '91 sx650 and a modded '89 sx650. I bought these for my boys after a dirt bike accident ended with a broken hand. Mom says no more bikes. We have sea doos so stand ups were the obviuos choice for them. The person I got them from did nt know much about them or skis but said the '89 is a "big bore". It definitely has a different top end, bipe, mikuni carb, pipe, ride plate, grate and heavy pole spring. it looks like it had a tilt nozzle on it that has been removed. The lever and cable are still there. I haven't found anything online for a sx650 tilt kit to try to piece this back together when the time comes. Also the '89 is so much easier to ride than the stock '91 so I am going to order a ride plate, grate and bars and hope this helps but I am sure the power difference is a big part of this. Any advice on these is more than welcomed.