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1996 Kawasaki ZXI key switch alternative

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  • 1996 Kawasaki ZXI key switch alternative

    Hi Guys
    Does anyone know any key switch that I can use to replace the magnetic switches on my skis? I have 2 ZXI's 900 and both key switches are broken (or missing) to the point they cannot be repaired. Right now I just use a jumped toggle and disconnect the battery when not in use (both ski's).

    I know someone must have had this issue before. Replacement OEM switches are just out of my budget.

    I done a lot to keep these ski's running but hung up on this fricken key issue.

    Thanks for thinking about it.


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    Welcome aboard, Steve!

    If you have the switch assembly, you can take it apart and remove the magnets. That way, you can turn it without the key.

    I've got a pair of STX-15Fs that have the orange switches, but they didn't come with keys. The switches are on and I've just left them on. Someday I'm going to take the engines out of those 'Skis and put them in a boat, but I'm just going to use toggle switches instead of the key switches. If I remember correctly, you would need a SPDT switch that has one set of NC contacts and one set of NO contacts, but it's been a while since I looked at it.
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