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SXR 800 runs great, will not shut off...

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  • SXR 800 runs great, will not shut off...

    Hello all, hope everyone is well.
    First time posting, it's a technical question.
    I have a 2007 SXR800 that starts/runs fine but will not "shut off" when diconnecting the lanyard, or pushing kill button. All checks out well from the lanyard/kill button down the wires and into the e-box (no broken wires and buttons function per ohm meter). No corrosion, wires are perfect also connections are all fine going to ground inside ECU. Odd as it seems I believe the ECU has an issue internally. So, my questions are has anyone experienced this, And can I simply kill the engine by tapping into the ignition coil? I don't want to hurt anything worse.. likely purchasing a new ECU it would seem... Thanks in advance!

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    On many older race quads, bikes, etc.....the ignition was killed by grounding out the pickup/trigger. It's very low voltage and doesn't seem to hurt them doing it that way.