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Can am x3 tune in spark ecu

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  • Can am x3 tune in spark ecu

    Working on a conversion ski and need a turbo tune for ace 900.
    My ecu has a map tuner license. I dont currently have a map tuner but is there something to start with for boost or am i on my own.
    Plan is stock x3 injectors, x3 map sensor and t28 turbo.

    If there isnt a tune for boost can the stock can am x3 sxs tune be loaded on the spark ecu or even the x3 harness and ecu be ran. So far havent found this info on the internet and about 6 of the sites that do tuning online say they dont want to mess with it or they dont do that.

    Project is a sport class hx with ace 900 turbo. Similar to one that was being built on here while back. Ill be runni g the 110hp tune na first then adding the turbo with liw boost. After pistons, rods, springs and retainers will be turning it up.

    And last question could i wire in the oem boost control solenoid again found on the x3. It seems this ecu is shared on the x3, the skidoo, can am trike thing, and even 4tec skis. Heck even if a stock 255 tune could be loaded aside from engine displacement it could be close. Not sure if the 4 tec and the ace share same trigger patterns or if the clusters use the same can bus info.

    Any help is appreciated. Very new to this ecu and map tuner. I usualky just go full stsnd alone but currently just want to get it running with oem ecu for now.

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    Seems like it could work.. Only one way to find out..
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