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Preventative maintenance! 2001 Yamaha 800XL

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  • Preventative maintenance! 2001 Yamaha 800XL

    I recently got a really good deal on a pair of 01 Yamaha 800XLs. I watched them run on the hose, they started quick but idles sounded a little rough but again it was out of the water and he hadn't ridden them since July.
    Ski 1: ~148 hours has lower compression than I would think to be ideal both are 98~100 psi
    Ski 2: ~180 hours has ~125 on both but he said the oil pump was replaced on it several years ago but the guy he had to do it set it too rich so it smokes on startup. It did smoke but nothing super crazy I have had seadoos that have smoked worse.

    He was an older guy that didn't really use them anymore. I know the power valves have not had wave eater clips installed which I plan to do. I know that Seadoo has really reliable pumps as long as the lines are inspected and from what I have read these Yamahas are notorious for having oil line problems not pump problems.

    What should I do to these skis to ensure they stay in good running order?
    Oil: I'm okay with going premix but if it is as simple as new lines and metal clips to solve the problem I can do that but there was a good amount of oil in the hull of both skis if that changes anything.
    Power Valves: I am planning on taking them out and cleaning them and installing wave eater clips. Is there anything else that I should do to make them better/more reliable? What kits/brands are best to look at? I have seen people talk about updated styles and such?
    Carbs: I am planning on rebuilding the carbs with new needles if I have to take all this out on the ski anyways and that ought to help the idle.
    Reed Valves: I don't have much experience with these are they similar to carb in where you don't replace the valves just a little plastic flaps? Should I replace them for good measure?

    When doing any of this will I have to take the cylinders off? Last question I promise, if I ever have to take the engine out how does one line it up? I know that seadoos have alignment tools that go to the pump but with couplers are they different do I just match them to where they are lined up?

    Just looking to do things right as these are skis I plan on using for a long time!