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Question about loading a tune

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  • Question about loading a tune

    Advice needed. So went out this weekend, problem with the false low fuel alarm. Both dealer and Yamaha suggested to remove the lanyard and let the screen go dark and the fuel will reset to actual level. I did this and did not notice a reset of the fuel level.
    I have a map tuner and have not loaded a tune yet, only copied my original. The reason for this is I only had 6 hours on the machine and didn't want to mess with it before the 10 hour break-in and subsequent oil change. Now I have about 16 hours on it and still never changed the tune. Is it foolish to change the tune before it goes back in for software update, whenever that is since the upgrade is not available yet. Or do I change the tune and put back the original before taking in for the updated software. Also do I have to backup this new version being installed as an original?
    Thanks for any guidance

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    Wait until the software update is done, then read your ECU again with the MaptunerX then load the tune and enjoy. The MaptunerX tune makes a big difference
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