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  • 300X tuning tips

    I have a 2011 300x that I use for my Flyboard.

    Last season I struggled with trying to make it work with the flyboard.

    It it would not turn above 5500rpm without shaking your teeth out. A dual impeller prop set up from Skat raised that to 6300rpm and I have a lot more height. I now run without the white and black adapter rings in the adapter plate that bolts to the pump.

    The check engine beeping would come on F1 code and limit throttle. The Riva SCOM cured that problem.

    The he kawi black and white adapter rings were removed from my 2013 flyboard and I run the straight adapter with no gaskets.

    The cruise did work last season but is now intermittent. Will not set some times. Still working on that.

    I am am also having problems with throttle run on. When I lift off the throttle from 5k plus it sticks at about 3k and I have to flick it a few times to get it to come back down.
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