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    After over 6 years of running my first location here in the Fl Keys, Im trying to open a second rental location and am wanting to get a "jet pack" to add to my fleet of activities.

    I know there are a lot of options out there on the market. But was wanting to check here first to see if anyone had recommendations on a super user friendly setup that would work well on the rental market. Ie Stable, easy to learn.

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    I purchased the X jet jet pack three years ago and I still have it, it was quite the experience using it it definitely has some user-friendly parts to it however it is far from an easy experience. The biggest issue I noted was the overall weight and bulk of it and it took lots of effort to teach someone to use it. I know that there are a couple of newer versions from Zapata and from X jets that are lighter with carbon / plastic components that would be a huge advantage in my opinion. There is also several things I did not like about the jetpack. When I bought it we used it for the first month until we got turned onto the jet blade and since that time I have probably used it on just two occasions. The issue I noted was a weird oscillation that would start developing between the hoes in the jetpack hinge at the level of a shoulders which would cause would being around in a forward backward motion that was hard to control and would accelerate the oscillation. The other bigger issue was difficulty in keeping it upright and keeping the head out of water from the overall weight of the equipment. There was flotation built into the device however it was far from enough to keep a person at times from being driven face down on the stomach into the water. A huge Advantage would be the newer versions that are made lighter out of carbon / plastic. The quality of the equipment was beyond anything I could have expected in durability will be no issue in a rental situation from the equipment that I purchased. I also used a older version of the jetpack from a rental experience one time when I was in San Diego which had different equipment there and my backpack was definitely an upgrade to that version in all the factors is listed above.
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