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EMK Throttle Adjustment?

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  • EMK Throttle Adjustment?

    Bought a used 2008 RXP with a Flyboard EMK installed and trying to get the cable to fit correctly. Right now the cable at idle is pulling the butterfly open a bit causing my RPMs to jump to 3000 or so. Is it possible to adjust this cable somehow?

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    You can adjust it by moving the cable closer or further using the area circled in red. Kind of like adjusting the brake on a bike at the brake lever.
    If it requires a bigger adjustment, take the servo horn off and adjust it that way. (Blue)
    How do you like the rxp for flyboarding? I am thinking of getting one for my flyboard, I need more power that my gtx can put out.


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      Got it dialed in and it's a blast! I have it set to power level 3 and I'm still a little scared to go higher. What type of hose do you use? I'm thinking of getting the XArmor 23m to get further away from the ski.


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        I actually fly using the brand wataboard. I use their 65ft pro-hose and absolutely love it. I have tried a few brands when I was first learning how to flyboard, and the pro-hose seems to be the best. It is not to heavy or stiff. Do you use the rxp or rxp-x for flyboarding?


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          Just took a look at the Wataboard website and was pretty intrigued with the Power Flow System. That would also give me an extra 10ft or so of hose to use. Wonder if that's compatible with Zapata Flyboard?

          Yep, I'm using an 08' RXP-X 255 with EMK. I believe the previous owner installed a dual impeller but not sure yet. Still getting the hang of everything but absolutely love it!


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            I use the powerflow system and it works great! It makes it very easy to hook up. Mel from wataboard has been absolutely amazing at answering any questions. I have not had 1 hose kink yet.