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Any opinions on the Seabob?

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  • Any opinions on the Seabob?

    Hi guys, hope you all are doing well.

    Thinking of treating myself (and the family) this year, and purchasing some sort of water / sea toy. Looking into the Seabob or one of those Jet Boards. Leaning more towards the Seabob (in case you guys haven't seen one, pretty cool: https://citimarinestore.com/en/270-seabob).

    Have any of your guys used these before? As cool as they look, or not worth it?

    Any other toys you'd recommend?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    You'd want to be able to use it in pretty clear water...

    Would be nearly useless in my area.

    I wouldn't mind renting one for a bit, but I couldn't see myself using it that often to justify the cost.
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