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  • Flyboarding

    Hey just a question for frequent Flyboarders. When you go out do you you warm up the Seadoo prior and how so? Also would you recommend ringing out the seadoo after the session? (Taking it for a spin etc) I know that this may seem like a silly question but,
    I realized after using it for a session (1 hour) at around 5500 rpm, I change the quick disconnect steering adapter and take it for a spin, and 2/3 times, when I take it back to where I leave it, it lacks responsiveness in the throttle untill It grabs some speed and then it feels normal again.
    It is a 2014 Seadoo 260
    Also would Sport mode be best for beginners or Touring mode (for flyboarding) ?
    Do you fellows use the seadoo for pure flyboarding or do you use it normally and does it help do do one or the other?