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  • Horsepower?

    I saw a lot of discussion abot what a N/A engine could do. looking at the Yamaha [1100cc, 160hp] i believe we could see 340+hp numbers.
    Yamaha is not even using headers which the benelli does. It looks like the benelli has a reduction gear on it.
    For those claiming that the engine will stumble off the line due to posible peaky HP, remember this is not a car or bike with gears and clutch for a direct connection to the road. Water is fluid and slippery. A jet pump drive needs no clutch as there is plenty of natural 'slip' at lower speeds and rpm allowing the engine to rev up into its powerband easily.
    Just for kicks, here is a clip about high hp bikes with 1300 cc and 700HP!!!

    March 11, 2005 Perhaps the most insane news we've posted on Gizmag this week comes from the inaugural DynoJet Horsepower Challenge held last weekend in Valdosta, Georgia, USA. Basically, DynoJet make motorcycle dynamometers and they provided a bunch oif them and anybody could roll up and the guy whose bike made the most horsepower won. The winning fellow was Hank Booth of Great Falls, Montana, whose highly modified 1999 Suzuki 1300GSXR Hayabusa motorcycle with an NLR turbocharger cranked out an incredible 701.32 horsepower.

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    701.32 horsepower
    1999 GP1200 70+
    1990 FJ1200 150+
    1985 FJ1100 150+