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99 tsr 1100 does anyone make performance parts for it at all

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  • 99 tsr 1100 does anyone make performance parts for it at all

    Hey guys just picked up a super clean tsr 1100 very low hours and not a scratch on it I'm just looking for go fast parts for exhaust reeds impeller etc or if you guys have any etc thank you

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    There are items available used or old stock. Nothing new. And what's available will be rare and expensive.


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      I am very familiar with the R ski,having had a few over the years.As the above poster said,parts (depending on what part) can be hard to find.Not so sure i agree with the expensive part though.Again depending on what part you need.Some parts are pricey.i.e. original crankshafts.Go fast parts are another story,imo there is very little aftermarket support for the R ski.Not surprising as its a 1 year ski (1999).

      At one point i had alot of extra parts for the ski,i sold my R a few years ago and all the extra parts went with the ski.So i cant help you with "on hand parts" but i can help with sources to get some if needed.Also i can help you with tech,having built mine from a bare hull to a finished ski.The ski has some inherent problems from the factory that are easy to solve,the most notable is the lack of low end power,and the handling.
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