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group k 640 flywheel and other mods?

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  • group k 640 flywheel and other mods?

    I was wondering if any one had pics or measurements of a group k fly wheel for the tigershark 640 i want to lighten my own fly wheel i have access to the tooling to do it and the time. also any other 640 mods done by group k or others I already milled my head change the cdi to the hotter 7100rpm. duel carbs set up and offset fly wheel key and took out the choke plates is there any thing else i can do to push this poor 640 to its limit short of running race fuel

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    I know they take most of it from the outside area of the fly wheel any one got one even have one that messed up i be interest in one that's trashed if you want to sell it or i make you a replacement i got several spare flywheels