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1996 Monte Carlo 770 Wiring problem

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  • 1996 Monte Carlo 770 Wiring problem

    Hello everybody! So last summer I bought a cheap Tigershark for a project and I knew I was in for some work. One of the things that I saw was wrong, was someone had cut the wires to the bilge pump, I tested the wires, and no power was getting to them. I also saw an additional yellow wire that was cut that goes into the electrical box. So, I got the ski running well and decided to just get an automatic bilge pump and wire it straight to the battery. After I got that done, I realized the fuel gauge was not moving and the needle was stuck half full. The gauge nor the sending unit were getting power, so I have to assume that yellow wire has something to do with the problem. My question is does anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram or does anyone know what I should be looking for, thank you!
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    Ok so I bought a wiring diagram online for like 9 bucks and figured out what my problem was. So, the main power for the fuel gauge is a violet-colored wire. That violet wire runs all the way back into the electrical box and connects to an orange with a green striped wire which also split off and powered the bilge pump. There was not power on that wire, so I got my multimeter out and traced that orange/green wire to a 15-amp circuit breaker in the electrical box, still no power. I finally traced back to the bilge pump relay which sends power to the bilge pump and the speedometer, the relay was getting power but not sending power. I found a cheap 7-dollar relay on amazon and installed it. The fuel gauge is now getting power and works great, FYI it only turns on when the starter button is pushed, or the ski is running. My theory is the bilge pump stopped working while the previous owner had the ski and they just cut the bilge pump out instead of fixing the problem. I hope this helps anyone who has the same problem, thanks!