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1998 Polaris SLTX Ignition Problem

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  • 1998 Polaris SLTX Ignition Problem

    Hello everyone, first post here and need some assistance! I have a 1998 Polaris SLTX 1050 that I recently rebuilt the top end as well as the carburetors. Put it all back together and it started up and ran just fine. The next day it wouldn't start and is not getting spark. I unplugged the black and yellow wire from the circuit board and boom she has spark, however you cannot pull the lanyard or hit the kill button to turn it off. It does this with either of the black and yellow wires unplugged. Would it be the CDI or the switch on the handle bars itself?

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    Welcome to GreenHulk !

    The blk/yel wire is the "kill" signal for the CDI to turn off. The switch on the handle bar simply switchs to ground to do that. So a ground/short to ground anywhere along the harness or up to the bars could cause it. It possible the lanyard is not pulling up the switch enough to not make contact inside. Possible to have corrosion built up inside alowing for some contact.