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2001 Virage not flashing codes

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  • 2001 Virage not flashing codes

    2001 Virage 1200 injected. So the problem I have is, it won’t start and idle I can hold it at half throttle and keep it running. I made the LED light and jumper wire, hook everything up and all I get is a solid red light. Any ideas on what else I can check? Is the EMM toast? Got this at a good price for the trailer. I’d like to get it to run but I’m thinking worth more in parts? Any help is appreciated.

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    The Ficht EMM simple LED diag method will show a pulsed 1 1 code if there are no stored errors

    Solid red LED means the EMM did not enable diagnostic mode and therefore is not showing a stored service/trouble codes

    There are several ways to activate diagnostic mode in the EMM to reveal the stored codes
    These methods are documented in several Ficht threads on GH

    Be aware that there are multiple common failures of the Ficht EMM that will NOT appear as a service code.

    There are also several non-EMM problems that can cause the engine to run poorly.
    These engines require specific spark plugs. One of the symptoms of incorrect spark plugs is poor idle
    How to post your question, AFTER you have done your homework
    Asking for help via Private Message?
    For Ficht EMM Repairs, contact Lakeside Tech
    Yamaha NanoXcel hull repair info
    Polaris PWC useful info


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      Final got to change the plugs definitely had the wrong ones. Much longer reach now. And starts and idles. Still odd that I can’t get it to flash codes.