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Help 2000 Virage tx 1200 won’t crank!!!

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  • Help 2000 Virage tx 1200 won’t crank!!!

    HELP!! I just got my first ski a 2000 Virage 1200. I got it home and it wouldn’t even roll over. I pulled the plugs and the cylinders had water in them, granted it was somewhat disassembled when I got it. Now for the part that’s I don’t understand m. I was told the top end was rebuilt last summer, and that there was a new starter, stator and starter relay installed. I dont think all this is true. It does have what looks to be a brand new starter. Now I cranked the motor got all the water and gas mix out but now with the plugs installed even hooked to my battery charger with a 200 amp jump it won’t rollover with the plugs in. I did find a new in box stator and what looks to be a new Bendix and gear set for the starter uninstalled can anyone help as to why it won’t roll over with the plugs in? I have a lot of experience with cars/trucks/atvs, but this is my first pwc. Any help is welcomed!!!! Thank you everyone in advance.
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    Also the starter relay just buzzes so I just jumped it and still it won’t roll over with the plugs in.


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      Water in the engine is never good. Leaving water in engine always leads to engine failure.

      Battery is way too bad to crank engine is why relay buzzes.
      If battery tests good, remove and check cables.


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        Thanks I’m looking into that stuff now