We are trying to dump some motor inventory. The Warden says i need to quit hording my toys and learn to ......share. Between customer shortfalls and general "hobby" enthusiasm, we are sitting on 15+ ready to go MPE-750's. Inventory includes: 7 New MPE-750's (type 2 conversions), 8 Rebuilt type 1 MPE's that have all undergone re-plating at Millennium Technologies. Every built unit is MSX compatable. These motors will also fit in Zodiac,Avon,and Williams yacht tenders. Every sale includes blueprinting of cases and rotating assemblies. Dynometer services for this motor are also available. We have a purpose built test stand and dyno for this power plant. If you are looking for something "special" feel free to reach out.

Mike Greenwood (no proxy name needed)
[email protected]
Nine One Eight 798-5010 (text preferred) Damn computer wants to keep introducing a smiley face emoji every time i type "8" and a ")" next to each other