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1200 tx problem

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  • 1200 tx problem

    My tx1200 only seems to be using 2 of 3 cylinders as the plug is still brand new and the ski will only do 45/50 I've compression tested getting equal psi at 130 . Could this problem be no spark at cylinder 3 or problems with carb . Appreciate your help plz

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    When I jump a lot of waves or it is real rough where I ride the middle cyl spark plug wire will come disconnected. My ski will only run 25-35 mph when that happens. If yours is running 45-50 I would say you have a different issue.
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      Have the carburetors been rebuilt in recent memory?

      Check for solid contact at the spark plug boot, and ohm test the plug wires and ignition coils. Make sure the correct NGK spark plugs are installed.

      Another possibility is the intake reeds are damaged. Remove intake manifold and inspect.
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