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1999 SLX

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  • 1999 SLX

    Hello group, SLX question. Will any other seat fit a '99 SLX? , or is it strictly a 1 only seat? Same question goes for the MFD? If you by chance happen to have any of these ,please let me know... Thanks

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    98 SLH-99-2000-2001. SLX and 2 cylinder 700 SLH. In 98 Polaris called the 1050 2 seater SLXH. It came with a 2 piece seat that was really bad. I would guess most were replaced years ago.

    The 99 MFD I'm pretty sure was the 12pin design and had "quick trim". All the others were 8pin, they will fit the bar pad and the connecter can be replace/rewired with the 8 pins. The terminals can be removed and pushedinto the other connector.


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      Thank you very much for the info,, I was looking at the plug for the MFD today and it looks like like there are only 8 pins/8 wires...The old MFD was fried...Are the 8 pin more easily to come by?


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        Yes they were alot more common.Like 94/95 till 2001. Also seemed to last longer.


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          so whats the difference in options/operation of the 8pin compared to the 12 pin? Thanks again


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            K447 put this knowledge base together, lots of good info, includes a section on MFD's.https://sites.google.com/site/polarispwcknowedge/Home

            From what I remember, the gas/oil gauges were curved from bottom across the top. 8 pin was just up and down, like 1/2 to 1/3 the size.
            Some had a compass-don't recall if any 8 pin did.
            Fast trim? One model of the 8 pin had "fast trim", I don't recall how many of the 12 pin did,but seem to recall it was more common on 12 pin.


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              I've got a mfd from a slxh,it's a 12 pin.i am in the UK though.