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Ficht EMM capacitors

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  • Ficht EMM capacitors

    Hi Guys

    I've got an EMM with some black charred remains where C27 and C28 used to be.
    After looking around the site I found out what the cap specs are, but I can't find anything that tells me what they're for or what gets affected when they go south.
    Does anyone know what they do?
    When they let go like this, do any other associated components get fried?
    Are there any other 'must do' components?


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    You can utilize your two defective EMMs to make one good unit. Swap the power board from the EMM with an injector drive problem into the EMM with the burnt capacitors. You'll still have to re-pot one board, but it'll get you back on the water while you figure out how to resolve the defective boards.
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      Hi martincom
      Yeah, I was kinda thinking that would be the way to go.
      But the good power board I have has the original C27 and C28 caps.
      So I basically wanted to know why they fail.
      Like, are they the weak point and will die any day, or does their death get caused by something else.
      If it's just these guys that are the problem with that board then I'm pretty confident I can handle replacing those myself.