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Genesis 1200 main bearing question.

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  • Genesis 1200 main bearing question.

    Hi Guys, first time poster here from Australia.
    I'm rebuilding a 2000 Genesis and am about to replace the four outer main bearings.
    I bought the bearings yesterday, and open them up today to remove the shields and clean out the grease.
    Trouble is, unlike the original bearings, the new Koyo 6207's have the balls separated by a plastic cage. On the original bearing the balls are separated by a steel cage.
    Not sure I should use the bearings with the plastic cages on the crankshaft, or should source some with the metal ones.

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    Why are you using pre-greased 'sealed' bearings and then removing the side covers and grease, rather than buying OEM style open cage bearings?
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      Any numbers and letters after the 6207 make a huge difference. What are they ?

      A quick search shows some bearings that have a MAX temp of 212F. I would say that is too low.


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        Thanks for the help guys, picked up the correct 6207C4 bearings today.


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          Originally posted by Homer
          Thanks for the help guys, picked up the correct 6207C4 bearings today.
          Just out of interest can you get, or have you got any pictures of the old bearings?

          Also are they just standard Koyo 6207 C4? I've been reading that the OEM bearings have a chamfer on the inside so they sit a bit further on the crank. Did you notice anything like this?

          Some pics if you have them would be great. I'm expecting to need to do the bearings on my crank so trying to understand if there is a difference between the off the shelf koyo and the OEM parts, or if issues only occur with crank length when using the SBT kits.