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polaris 1200 virage tx crankshaft labyrinth bearings

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  • polaris 1200 virage tx crankshaft labyrinth bearings

    new to all of this was wondering if the bearings are replaceable? that are located on the crankshaft part that is labeled in the service manual part number 17 or 16 the labyrinth or is this all one piece that has to b bought cant seem to get it apart for nothing but in some bearing kits there are 8 bearings hinting to me that it might come apart

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    Yes, the bearings are replaceable, but you really need someone else to rebuild your crank for you. I suggest trying to find some place kind of local to you to do it because shipping a triple crank can get lost, it happened to me, and UPS is a circle jerk trying to get your insurance money.
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      yes i already have a spare one so was atleast trying to give it half a try but already am trying to find someone even that is a task