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Crank no start 2002 polaris virage i

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  • Crank no start 2002 polaris virage i

    Both machines have new emms new batterys and good fuel pressure but on white/red wire i only have 15v while cranking and battery is at 13.2v i just out in a new stator aftermarket and i did see the post of wires being in wrong pin locations. Unit has spark and i have swapped the start stop module with a known one. I checked new stator all ome out correctly and on ac voltage first winding is at 8.9 second at 8.9 and the last 3 are just under 6 what am i missing here ????

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    Originally posted by Canadian
    Both machines have new EMMs -
    What do you mean by 'new' EMM?
    How to post your question, AFTER you have done your homework
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    For Ficht EMM Repairs, contact Lakeside Tech
    Yamaha NanoXcel hull repair info
    Polaris PWC useful info


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      I just sent in both emms from the 2 machines i am working on to lakeside tech and had them rebuilt one machine will only go up to 15 and a bit on the white red wire the other machine i only get 1.5v i am going to pull the stator on that machine now


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        Problem solved - some monkey that was attempting to fix these machines put the spark plug wires on the wrong coil leads so the engine was firing 180 out of phase.

        i also found rubbed through wiring on the stator that was only showing 1.5 v on the white red wiring.

        Also quick shout out to darren at lake side tech he was a welth of knowledge helping diagnosing these trouble units for me.

        The unit that i had to put a new stator into it was afermarket and it had to have pins 2 and 11 swapped and 5 and 8 swapped to get it to work correctly.

        I didnt get a chance to test the out of phase test with the stator set up in the incorrect pin locations i will try and do that this week and get back to you darren and k447.

        Thanks for all your help you guys.
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