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***if you are planning on repairing MFD READ THIS***

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  • I do not have and have never seen proper schematic diagrams for the MFD circuit boards. A few people have managed to trace out MFD circuit fragments, but nothing anywhere close to component complete.

    Those of us who have attempted component level repair on the oval MFD have had a few successes and many dead ends.

    I suppose someone could identify those particular hot components and test them, or just replace with new components. Whether that would make any difference to the overall MFD health, I could not say.
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    • Thx K447....so I guess seeing that I do have this spare round MFD, I could install that in the same location where it exists on the SLT750, extend the wiring harness and the speedometer tube to suit, fabricate a blanking plate for the original MFD location on the crash pad, and call it a day. Has anyone seen this accomplished before?


      • This info was spot on for the repairs to my MFD here is a tip to see how deep you cut and I used a fine tooth Japanese flush cut saw to do the job. I used a work light up against the clear face to see exactly when I cut through the black plastic. I slowly cut till I reached the thin ribbon area and then used a flat head screw driver to break the last 3/4 inch or so. Click image for larger version

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        • Quality post Sage18, thanks!
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          • Great thread, so much good information.