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2002 Virage tx. No thermostat?????

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  • 2002 Virage tx. No thermostat?????

    I bought this used virage tx 1200 with a bad engine. I sent it in to get rebuilt. I took thermostat housing apart to check the thermostat and there isn't anything inside! No pop off valve, thermostat, spring, nothing. Almost looks like by the paint Inside that there was never anything to begin with. Can someone give me advice please? Do I even need the pop off and thermostat if I'm running in 60 to 70 degree water? Do all of polaris pwc have pop off and thermostats? Any reason why someone would take all of the guts out of the thermostat housing? The engine in my pwc might be out of a 2000 slx 1200, because that is wrote on the coolant rail. I don't have a parts or shop manual for the slx, so not sure if those have thermostats in them. Never owned a pwc, this is my first one and learning as I go, any help or advice much appreciated!

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    I've personally never seen an issue running without those parts as long as the engine is allowed to warm up good first. You could also very easily add an inline valve so you can "throttle" the cooling flow for different water temps.


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      The cooling water first enters the exhaust pipe-then manifold, so the water is already warmed up when entering the engine. Running with out t-sat is fine.

      The problem I see is the different cooling rail. They have metered holes where the water enters the rail, in oredr to control the temp of each cylinder.
      The carbs are then jetted accordingly. Carb jetting seemed to change every year and model.
      Using an infared temp sensor to make sure it's not completely wacky.
      Verify fuel mixture is correct.

      Parts link:https://parts.polarisind.com/Browse/Browse.asp