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How to repair a stiff/jammed Reverse lever on Virage, MSX, Genesis with reverse lever

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    Thanks Keith!!

    Even with all of your documentation it still took a while to dawn on me what was happening. Even the slightest drag between the cam shaft and Pinion will cause a major bind. The camshaft must rotate to release the reverse lock BEFORE the Pinion starts to move. If the Pinion moves with even a slight amount of torque it will trap the reverse lever in the detent of the cam arm.
    With no cable attached I have the two finger torque test easily. It dam near "Flops" back and forth. The slight drag of the cable is felt now ....But with no catching at the beginning of the stroke.
    You guys are great.
    Here is another Video that may help someone else

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      MSX 110 and MSX 150... different reverse lever assemblies

      Just pulled out my reverse lever assembly on my '04 MSX 150 the other night... to get to a stripped nut plate on the underside of the handlebar/steering assembly. (fun fun)

      I remembered this good thread about fixing your reverse lever assembly from jamming so it works smoothly.

      Well... low and behold... my reverse assembly is not like the MSX 140 or Virage. The MSX 110/150 reverse assembly looks much simpler and mine is still very smooth.

      Just thought I'd share in the knowledge.

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Reverse-Diagram.jpg
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        I had overlooked the MSX 110 and MSX 150 reverse mechanism being different from the MSX 140.

        The MSX 140 is the same hull as the MSX 110 and MSX 150 ... Except for all the differences
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          I did this and it worked like a charm. Sooooo easy now. Thanks so much.


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            Excellent info. My reverse lever is sticking and I plan to use this info and tackle this next weekend. Thanks everyone.