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Newbie questions before you rebuild or buy a ski.

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  • Originally posted by stimpsonjcat
    Here's hoping all the unobtainium electronic bits work!

    Hardly a n00b with your experience.

    Def a newbi when it comes to jetskis...lol. ive never owned or worked on one....rofl. they are similar to outboards, but, om finding they are also really really dif. So far the electronics are working on the 02(only one i have fooled with so far). The 01 needs the whole wiring harness and electronics(everything in the box is trashed). Both parts skis have full harnesses and all electronics including nice mfds im learning a lot reading dif threads on here(example: i didnt know they have pulse pumps vs fuel pumps, the carbs dont have traditional bowls, ect). Having fun with playing with them so far. Hopefully i can get both running I got them mainly because i have never owned or worked on them. I love to learn how and why thing work


    • Hi gang, just picked up a pair of 96 and 97 SLT 780's from same owner, with trailer. 96 has lean burn pto piston from crank seal leak, both other cylinders and pistons are nice. 97 is a parts machine, but complete. Both are very restoreable skis. Before I dive into the 96 first, I was hoping to find out if there is anything inherently problematic with these machines that might be a show stopper. I have two different rebuild/maintenance manuals. I am an industrial electrician by trade and have extensive experience wrenching on Polaris snowmobiles up to the mid 2000 models. I collect and restore vintage polaris sleds, but these are my first skis. I am a competent mechanic. Thanks much.